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MD DYNA Codes® are an advanced technique for dermal filler injections based on altering facial muscle activity and therefore facial expression. They are called dynamic codes.

Within the face there are strategic predefined areas for injection that target muscle activity and also allows for safe, reproducible and natural facial expression results.

The system is based on anatomy and correlates facial features with visible negative facial emotional attributes (such as tiredness, anger, sadness, sagginess).

By treating these negative attributes through specific injections to directly and indirectly effect the facial appearance, we can lessen the negative facial messages.

In so doing, we can promote positive facial attributes such as looking more attractive, slimmer, younger and more feminine or masculine.

MD DYNA Codes™ have been designed to be used with Juvéderm Vycross® range of injectable gel dermal fillers.

During your consultation with Dr Rory he will explore your specific concerns and also ask you to think about your face in terms of emotional attributes and plan your treatment accordingly.

Common conditions treated with MD DYNA Codes™ include a gummy smile, dimpled chin, down turned mouth corners, crows feet lines and vertical lip lines.

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