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Motiva Implants

Motiva breast implants are a range of sixth generation cohesive silicone gel implants used for volume and shape enhancement of the breast.

They are used for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes and have been designed to be the safest breast implant on the market today, with a lower risk of complications.

The specialised surface of the implants known as the SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® shell has a uniform TrueMonbloc® nanotextured surface (classified as a smooth surface) that carries the following advantages:

  • Less than one percent implant capsular contraction rate
  • A Bluseal® visual indicator ensures shell integrity
  • Houses FDA approved Qid®/Q Inside® Safety Technology in the form of an optional, microtransponder which carries all implant data electronically
  • Enables passage of the implant through a smaller incision

The two categories of implant used by Dr Rory are Motiva Ergonomix™ and Motiva Round Implants. Both types of Motiva implants® are covered with the Motiva Always Confident Warranty®.

Motiva Ergonomix™

Motiva Ergonomix™ implants are designed to have a natural breast look and feel and use ProgressiveGel™ Ultima Silicone Gel. They have the benefits of both round and anatomical implants and are used in patients wanting to achieve a natural look.

Motiva Round Implants

Motiva round implants are designed to create more upper pole fullness with higher profiles using ProgressiveGel™ Plus Silicone Gel.

They have the benefits of a round implants and are used in patients wanting to achieve a rounder fuller look.

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